A few words about No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky is… eeeeeehm… mediocre… at… best?

Ten hours of gameplay and I’m running out of excuses to play that game. It’s bare bones, underdeveloped, and repetitive with little to do. More suited for an early access, than £40 full game release. But, Pole, it’s procedurally generated, endless universe, with so much to see and discover. Yes, but exploration and discovery feels more like a chore. Walk/fly to a place, scan for a few seconds, walk/fly to another place, scan for a few seconds. Rince and repeat. The landscape, flora and fauna are just as repetitive. Take a few pieces, randomly assembled, resized and splashed with different paint. Get unlimited ‘variations’ of animals. Ooh, this one has a straight horn and stripes, and aaah, this one has a curvy horn and spots. You get what I mean. Discovering and exploring is not as rewarding as you think. As of yet, there has not been a simple moment when I felt amazed by what I found. Almost every time my reaction has been: “Meh”, occasionally: “That’s alright”.

Combat is basic, very basic. Point and hold down the button. Not bad, not good. Unless you’re in space. Then, combat is slightly more exciting, but doesn’t work well. Especially if you play on mouse and keyboard.

Fuck anyone who came with the idea, that you need to hold down a button to perform almost any action. Enter the ship – hold; craft – hold, transfer stuff – hold.

Speaking of inventory. You continuously keep running out of space. Capacity is up-gradable, but you need to find a special place for it. Tech upgrades in your gear take up space in inventory.

The list goes on, and on. More evidence of mediocrity. Here’s the thing though. For some reason, I’ve played the game for ten hours, and I’ll play a little bit more. Though it starts to get boring, even for me, and I love open-world, survival, games. Shame that most of them are in early access. Shame that this one wasn’t. But I see potential here. No Man’s Sky is yet another over-hyped game, which fails to deliver and can/maybe will be saved by DLC and mods. That’s what might make it worth the price.

For now though. I’ll say this, wait until mods and DLC come out and the price is dropped, before you get No Man’s Sky.

Final verdict: “Meh. I’ll wait for the mods.”


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