An Open Love Letter to M(r)s Sturgeon.

(Penned in the lead up to the 2015 General Election where a Labour victory of some sort seemed a shoe-in… at least with the aid of Sturgeon’s SNP MPs.)

Dear Nicola,

Upon hearing the news that you are on your way to the Capital I felt compelled to write you, lest I miss the opportunity.

I remember vividly my visit to the Sturgeon Clan at the closing of the Summer of 2014. This, as you no doubt remember, was a tense time for your family.

The Sturgeons were deliberating about relocating from our declining town or not. These deliberations threatened, for a time, to tear husbands from wives, brothers from sisters, selkie from dunnie. (As I recall, Patriarch Sturgeon never quite recovered from the episode.)

As an outsider, a visitor to your family’s residence, I felt my presence might make things all together worse. This concern was unfounded. Your family showed me great respect and kept me, as is your peoples’ tradition, well-fed.

I will never forget that all-too-brief time that we shared. A time which, in proximity, strong feelings developed in me. It was a surprise – as it may be for you now, reading these words.

Our shared loves became apparent even if the blossoming one remained – painfully – hidden: a strong appreciation for the Gaelic world, an impassioned dislike for the entitled.

Now, again, we are in challenging times and I can not help but notice another preoccupation of yours.
A man popular among many in the town (if not among those born on the “right” side of the tracks). He’s considered by some a rising star in the great game. I can’t help but notice that you have spoken as if you too share this sentiment.

Right now you may think Edward is right for you, after-all he can provide a great deal. In comparison I am wholly inadequate. I do not carry a degree from a prestigious university. Nor do I possess a substantial personal income, often relying on the generosity of friends (none of whom carry the prefix “lord”).

These things that I lack – I hope – I make up in shared curiosities and honesty. Edward, as attractive as he may seem, does not mean what he promises. Not truly. I believe you know that.

He will disappoint and leave you disillusioned with his kind. Nicola, you deserve someone better.

Not unlike the girl which preoccupied the minds of every man in this town all that time ago, possess the power to change the world. But, unlike Maggie, you are compassionate, thoughtful and are morally courageous. You are unmatched.

These things I write you needed to be said. As we near an uncertain future for you and me both, please spare my meager words a thought.

Couldn’t you see a way to loving me as I love you?

A true English socialist.


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