Article 50 Vote Shows British Parliament Has No Opposition

Today Corbyn told his MPs to vote with the government and give Theresa May the power to trigger Article 50. This, though:

  1. The Tories appear to have no plan for Brexit. May saying, during separate speeches “Brexit means Brexit”, and it’ll be a “Brexit that’s right for the country”, as well as “red, white and blue” (and am I the only one to consciously notice the latent National Front connection there?)
  2. Britain is set to leave the EU because just over half of our voting – and more grey – population chose that option in a referendum that was both vague and unBritish. (Should any conservatives other than Peter Hitchens actually care about that sort of thing)
  3. Experts from across the board – and political spectrum – predict Brexit to be an unmitigated disaster. Perhaps that’s why May originally opposed it?

Why has Corbyn’s lot done this?

There used to be a line in the US about how it seemed like the DNC leadership rather exercise full control over the Democratic party than the country. In other words – they rather lose a national election than allow someone from outside their clique to represent the party. (Sanders’ story is nothing new. See Henry Wallace.)

This is my only explanation for what Corbyn’s lot is doing to my party: it seems vitally important to them to take over the party apparatus in toto, even if that means national politics becomes something of an externality. I know, being a member of Labour and Momentum that great efforts are in fact being exerted on the former – and as everyone and their goldfish can see, to the great cost of the latter.

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How odd that a group of “internationalists” should take such a limiting perspective.

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