Back Into The Trap

For those who still kid themselves into thinking Clinton a feminist, I direct you to the words of Neesa Medina (director of the country’s Women’s Rights Center), one of the thousands suffering under the military junta Hillary’s State Depart forced on Honduras,

The 2009 coup had repercussions for sexual and reproductive rights for Honduran women…. As a member of a feminist organization severely affected by the support of the U.S. for militaristic policies of recent governments, I must say that it is important that voters take the time to do a critical structural analysis of all of the information in the campaign proposals and previous actions of those running for president. United States support for militarily invasive policies in other countries has a negative impact on the women in these countries.

The current dictatorship under [President Juan Orlando] Hernandez is part of [Hillary Clinton’s] creation. The misery doesn’t just affect women with more brutality, but also our bodies are exposed to the militarist ideology with which they uphold poverty and kill us; to the conservative fundamentalism with which they deny the exercise of our sexual autonomy; and to the possibility of being creative people and not just workers for their factories and way of life.

Compare this to ousted Manuel Zelya, taken from Greg Grandin in the Nation,

Despite the fact that he was a rural patriarch, [the toppled president] was remarkably supportive of “intersectionality” (that is, a left politics not reducible to class or political economy): He tried to make the morning-after pill legal. (After Zelaya’s ouster, Honduras’s coup congress—the one legitimated by Hillary Clinton—passed an “”absolute ban on emergency contraception, criminalizing “the sale, distribution, and use of the ‘morning-after pill’—imposing punishment for offenders equal to that of obtaining or performing an abortion, which in Honduras is completely restricted.”)

He supported gay and transgender rights. (Read this. Among the first to be murdered was Vicky Hernandez Castillo, a transgendered activist in San Pedro Sula. Hernandez left her home on the night of the coup, apparently unaware that the new government had decreed a curfew. She was found dead the next morning, shot in the eye and strangled; Sentidog, an LGBT monitoring group, writes that 168 LGBT people were killed in Honduras between the coup and 2014.) Zelaya apologized for a policy of “social cleansing”—that is, the murder and disappearance of street children and gang members—executed by his predecessors. And he backed rural peasant and indigenous movements, such as the one Cáceres led, in the fight against land dispossession, mining, and biofuels. Zelaya, as president, was by no means perfect. But he was slowly trying to use the power of the state on behalf of the best people in Honduras, including Berta Cáceres.

Cáceres was a indigenous environmental activist, snuffed out as one of the new military regime’s first orders of business. A brave woman worth innumerable Clintons, gone for refusing to bow down to a cadre of male parasites. She and the others are all the price of Clinton’s celebrated Kissinger-esque “pragmatism”.

And, I never tire of quoting the following from Alexander Cockburn, which shows just how the She-Clinton feels about women of a certain melanin count.

[Clinton’s driver with her and her friends in the back] passed a beggar, and as they did so the First Lady expressed her disgust for the mendicant, adding, “He wouldn’t be a bum if he had a piece of ass.” The driver was able to shed no light on how or why she had arrived at this conclusion, stunned as he was by the coarse nature of her observations. Then they passed two young black women with babies. “There go 
two welfare cases. They make me sick. They’re too lazy to work,” said Senator Clinton, champion of mothers and 
children everywhere.

So when the New York Times tries to dazzle its readers with the tidbit that, in a speech in 1995, Hillary declared “women’s rights are human rights”, remember that Mary Wollstonecraft beat her by quite a few centuries – and actually put those sentiments into action.


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