Best Mass Effect Companions

When I first met Paddy as a teenager we both didn’t have too much to talk about. At one point Paddy asked me what kind of video games I play. I told him I have recently bought Fallout 3, his face lit up and at that moment a friendship was born out of our common love for gaming. One of our favourite games was Mass Effect. It goes without saying how excited we are about the recent announcement for Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Among the many things we love about that franchise are the companions. We both adore them, the conversations, the relationships, the banter etc. But, we have slightly different preferences when it comes to our favourites. In this article/post thingy (I don’t know how to define what we’re doing #imsodum) we’ll outline our favourite three companions from Mass Effect franchise each.

SPOILER ALERT! Even though these games have been out for years. This article may contain spoilers.

Paddy’s #3 – Thane

A honourable space-ninja seeking redemption in a race against time. I suspect this is what the developers excitedly scrawled on the whiteboard when conceptualising Thane for the very first time. With Thane Bioware introduced a new species to their universe – the Drell, an amphibious species originating inexplicably from a desert planet. Bizarrely, given the far-in-the-future time setting he was devoutly religious too (imagine Hinduism with added talking jelly fish). That aside, he was one of the most interesting characters in the series, unfortunately given too little screen time. Our short time with him was epic. RIP fish man.

Pole’s third place – Jacqueline Nought, a.k.a. Subject Zero, a.k.a. Jack

A foul mouthed, impulsive, powerful biotic with social issues. Taken away as a newborn and put in a top secret research facility. Made a subject of horrible experiments, which purpose was to create the most powerful biotic in the galaxy. That made her untrusting, violent, and prone to anger. Despite all that, you sympathise with her, without feeling sorry for her. She hates Cerberus for what they’ve done to her, but she’s not apologetic or self-loathing for the way she is. She owns her powers, her character; she prefers to isolate herself, but doesn’t hide her true self. She does what she likes and doesn’t give a damn what others think. The traits of a true space badass.

Paddy’s #2 – Mordin

I very nearly put the model scientist salarian in my first place position. Mordin – erratic, brilliant, morally-complex – is a truly great character. When he’s not mastering Gilbert and Suvillian, he’s bringing hope to slum dwellers, blasting mercenaries to smithereens and committing genocide. Oh, yeah, there was that whole “Genophage” thing (the intentional near extinction of a sentient species). But he even did that with style, wit and eloquence. Plus, give him the chance (you’d be a monster not to), and he will redeem himself with a send-off worthy of Roy Batty. RIP frog man.

Pole’s Second place – Mordin Solus

That one we agree upon. Mordin is the one person who convinces you the genophage was necessary. He did that because of his sense of morality and to minimalize any side effects (other than the whole extinction thing). On top of that, he’s not too stubborn or proud to admit when he’s wrong and accept that circumstances have changed and Krogan deserve another chance.

In the franchise so full of emotional moments (especially in Mass Effect 3) and so great at pulling at your heart strings. Mordin’s death was the one that hit me the most. Watching him going up the lift, after saying his motto for the last time, casually singing among the explosions, which would make Micheal Bay proud; brought a tear to my eye. It had to be Mordin, who brought me so many feels, someone else might’ve gotten it wrong.

Paddy’s #1 – Liara

Perhaps it’s the result of an asari mind trick but my Shep’s one true love takes my number one slot. The asari – the Milky Way’s walking, talking fruit traps – effortlessly attract all genders of all bipedal species. Liara, like the rest of her species, has much to offer a lowly member of homo sapiens: flowing curves (and head tentacles), intellectual brilliance and Mrs Thatcher-levels of power. We see her develop over the course of the three games – from being a naïve and somewhat sheltered young woman with an obsession in ancient civilisations to becoming the bane of the corrupt and powerful the galaxy over, under the guise of the Shadow Broker. When it comes to romance we may have the strong, independent Ashley and the geeky Tali, but no-one comes close to Miss T’soni. Long live the she-smurf!

Pole’s First place – Garrus Vakarian, a.k.a. The Archangel

Was there ever any doubt? Liara is great, but how can she possibly hold a candle to the great Garrus. A C-Sec officer with principles, which often leads into conflict with his superiors, because he is willing to do the necessary thing. To hell with the political repercussions. As a vigilante, he terrorised some of the most ruthless mercenaries on Omega. Even betrayed, outnumbered and pushed into a corner, he still kicked ass. Who else, but a supreme space badass, could survive a rocket blast to the face.

But the real reason, why his my favourite is because he is Shepard’s best friend. The guy you want by your side in a fight and in a pub. Romance comes and goes, but bros always come before hoes.

Anyway, whom would you like to be a subject of their own stand-alone game? Liara? Spending all day in a lab, reading history books and examining artefacts? I think not. Garrus is the answer. Starting of as a C-Sec officer investigating crimes on Citadel, only to eventually tell you superiors to go fuck themselves and start your own vigilante group. Delivering justice to the scum of the galaxy, through the barrel of your sniper rifle. Tell me, do you feel lucky, punk?

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