Brexiteers: No, Your Opinions Aren’t Just as Valid

  1. Economy = downgraded to that of a “developing” country.
  2. Society = ridden by fear and abuse.
  3. Our politics = seized by cynicism, opportunism and mutually assured destruction.
Et tu, Watson? The Blairite Revenge

This, all of it, our country chose.

We, those on the Remain side of the argument, seriously misjudged our neighbours and compatriots: many of them really are that stupid. And, no – they cannot be given the benefit of the doubt. Figures from the left, right and centre warned them, the economic institutions and trade unions warned them, the professors and cultural figures warned them, NATO, USA (Trump excluded), Norway’s PM warned them. Warned them what our country would become.

Gone are the As: Sterling plunges

And, nay again, they themselves cannot suddenly pretend that their political analysis is just as deep and deserving of respect as the above.

(In fact, the only figures of note which supported Brexit appeared to be Putin – a long and bitter hater of the EU – and ISIS. The latter has since praised Britain’s move.)

As much as I cannot abide the cult which has slivered up upon and about the grave of that vicious fat dog, Churchill’s words are playing on repeat in my inner ear,

The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter

This may help you make sense of Michael Gove’s insight:

…People in this country have had enough of experts

You really have met a cultural incline when expert has become a dirty word, sewn into our porch alongside those other faux-pas (excuse my French) “‘ealth and safety” and “political correctness”.

Of course I’m being unfair: 52% is barely a majority of the voting population, and fairly meaningless of the whole. But it is demonstrative of that cultural strain, long nurtured by demagogues and flustered Cameroons, in this United Kingdom: anti-Brussels, anti-immigrant, anti-Other – becoming something more than a nuance. A new and dangerous voting block that Westminster has no idea of how to counter-act (and may soon not wish to).

A good number of those who put a cross next to Leave seem to have sincerely thought their choice meant, “send the Poles, Pakis and… uh, Polynesians home” (whatever that means). Taking “their” country back so they can set it back on course to backwaterdom, which Britain momentarily detoured from post-WWII. There in the swamp that results they can fester and congeal, filling the pungent air with their pungent thoughts.

Byron, Blake, Paine… are these the heroes of the Britain Firsters?

And it’s this demographic which knows the least about the history and culture of Britain. When they talk of defending its culture they are almost certainly referring to football hooliganism, shit larger and trash TV – and not the domains of Tolkien, verses of Auden, those skyscapes of Turner. Nor do they acknowledge the Levelers, Chartists and the heroes of the Enlightenment, without which their suffrage would be denied.

(I mean really, just take a look at Britain First’s take on the Peasant’s Revolt here)

Ezra Pound may have been writing of his country of birth, but there is something in Hugh Selwyn Mauberley which does apply here and now, in this Blighted realm where the 52ers reign:

No, hardly, but, seeing he had been born
In a half savage country, out of date;
Bent resolutely on wringing lilies from the acorn;
Capaneus; trout for factitious bait


8 thoughts on “Brexiteers: No, Your Opinions Aren’t Just as Valid”

  1. So in other words, another tedious article by a pseudo-intellectual, telling us all we who voted OUT are thick plebs. YAWN! I’m university educated and voted out, as did many of my friends. I don’t many “plebs” who voted at all!
    When is this tired stereotype going to die off? It’s boring.

    1. I notice how you haven’t actually addressed any of my points, focusing instead on tone. That’s not so much telling as it is lazy.

      Regardless: why then, did you vote Leave?

      “YAWN! I’m university educated and voted out, as did many of my friends. I don’t many “plebs” who voted at all!”

      Well, why would you? You’re apparently a stable and rather content addition to Middle England.

      Cheers – P

  2. Good day sir,
    I am one of those despicable vermin who cast a leave vote. My crime in your eyes is to have had an opposing viewpoint. How shameful of me not to accept all that you are peddling. Unlike yourself I am prepared to accept that remainers eventually want a federal superstate and that objective is a matter of choice for them. I however, am not particularly a fan of this inevitable trajectory and the blind faith you put in the bloated corpse that is project E.U. Just look at the havoc the single currency has wrought upon many countries who joined it. But no, your analysis is clearly absolutely correct and must not be challenged and I alas am scum..

    1. So you voted Leave because you didn’t wish to be part of a superstate – or, as I’d prefer to call it, a federalised “Greater Europe”? Well, that’s fair enough. I think you’re wrong and short-sighted, but at least it’s a coherent line of attack (as opposed to what we’ve largely been hearing from your camp).

      I always thought it was to the Remain campaign’s discredit that they refused to answer the charge that that was on the EU’s trajectory. Frankly, it is, – and, even more so, thank goodness it is. The only hope for us hairless apes is such an institution: one where those vitally important questions – e.g. environmental and labour standards – are tackled by representatives from many nations, and many different interests, in concert with (please don’t spew) experts. As opposed to what’s on Britain’s trajectory: unfettered capitalism/oligarchy given the veneer of mob rule. That doesn’t bode well for living standards, nor those of us who rather not see the North Sea annex London. (But I can see why many Brexiteers would happily see the latter take place.)

      Just so there’s no misunderstanding: yes, a federal Europe is what the EU is heading toward, and the Remainers should have made the case for it.


  3. The fascist left do what all fascists do then lie about it. look at their actions their propaganda is the opposite of what they do.They are the corrupt lying hypocritical traitorous racist fascist left.

    Andy [ no white guilt here working class lad ] Jacobs Nottingham ENGLAND

  4. Nope I live in Cornwall and people wanted out not because of what you think. I think you really underestimate people that really hate the EU, mainly because of people like Juncker and Merkel.

    1. I think you’re overestimating the number of Brexiteers who actually know who Juncker and Merkel are. If you were to do a survey, I estimate the top responses would be “rockbands from the 70s” and “Scandinavian fast food”.

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