British Truisms

This post is dedicated to those pearls of wisdom Brits can’t help splurting out when mistakenly given the vaguest encouragement. They will cover a multitude of subjects: politics, culture, and, of course, the weather.

I wouldn’t want the Queen’s job

Stephen Fry – a national treasure

This country’s gone to the dogs

The Tories fix the economy and Labour break it

Whatever else you say about ‘im, that Enoch Powell ‘ad a point

We’re just an island – there’s no more room!

I like snow, I just can’t stand the slushy stuff

Diana was the People’s Princess

‘R’ Diana was knocked off by Charles

Poor Diana

While alive: she’ll open ‘er legs for just about anything

This wouldn’t ‘ave ‘appened under Thatcher

We’re a nation of animal lovers [Has no one actually seen a battery farm?]

We ‘ave TV so who needs books?

No one ‘as any respect from the old anymore

Bloody French

On buses and similar things: there’s nuffin and then fifteen come at once

I’m not racist but…

On rain: it’s about to piss it down

That London’s too big for me

A Englishman’s house is his castle

That restaurant/wine/degree of personal cleanliness is too posh for my liking

I ain’t being funny but…

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