Gun a Nun – Pole’s response

I don’t know if calling Paddy a bit of a hypocrite would be accurate, but that’s what I think after reading Gun a Nun. You have criticised Hitch (your personal hero) for being a religious zealot of a sort. Yet, here you are doing the same thing you despise: brutally attack a religious group, demonize its members (quite literally) and, of course, you had to include “god doesn’t exist” in all this. Does that not sound like a form of indoctrination.

Your intentions might be noble, arguments sound and information confirmed. But I think you don’t realize that you come off as an angry hatemonger, rather than the rational intellectual I know you to be.

One thought on “Gun a Nun – Pole’s response”

  1. “…the rational intellectual I know you to be.”

    This is going to be on a book’s sleeve in the future.

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