Gun a Nun

What good results from these bothersome penguins?

Some evil murderous bastards posing with Nazi officers

These whistling husks appear to serve two purposes:

1. committing themselves, out of fear and love for a Heavenly Father who doesn’t exist, to great personal suffering

2. taking 1. out on the rest of us

Sticking with 2. (because the first is really their own business): At their most brazen, you can witness these ugly bores scuttling off to countries awash in the victims of starvation and war to preach about how contraception is equal to abortion and abortion is murder. With Bible in one hand and phony charity in the other, they spew dangerous nonsense about the only half-enjoyable activity one has at hand in these places. (One can go to Hell Proper if one wears a rubber apparently.) In the process they make themselves the only virgins I’m aware of which spread AIDs.

And when these sexless beasts aren’t attempting to stamp out physical love in Earth’s many wastelands, they’re teaching their cloth-less sisters about the virtues of slavery. A woman is only something, they squawk, when she’s the property of a man, and she is only a soul worth saving when she’s squirting out children she can’t feed. Preventing, as Christopher Hitchens tirelessly argued, the only known cure for poverty: female empowerment.

Hitchens questions the saintliness of a women who was found in bed with murderous dictators and dodgy millionaires

Indoctrination-cum-molestation centres masquerading as schools have been inflicted on everyone from the Native population of British Columbia to the victims of Franco’s coup, to the stick figures haunting India’s slums. The nuns dug thousands of graves (left unmarked) in the service of their designated Father Torture. The willing congregations haven’t fared all that much better. The poor have been fleeced of their last pennies in exchange for, of all things, a few Hail Marys.

Gimme gimme gimme

The stains left on Ireland, Mexico, the Congo and elsewhere by these satanic harpies will be difficult to remove. But, in respect for their countless victims, we should at least try.



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