Just How Fucked Are We? Brexit Referendum

Paddy: OK, Project Fear may have gotten to me but I actually dread the prospect of a British exit from the European Union. There’s plenty of reasons, some ideological, others humanitarian, some selfish (more southern European women per favore!).

What a shame they’re all bloody married

I’m not sure how interesting you’d find the whole procession, so, for now, I’ll limit myself to the line I’ve been subjecting every acquaintance who mistakenly asked me “so, how are you voting?” recently. For short, this response is suitably labelled “The End is Nigh!

What you must bear in mind, for this to make any sense, is that the Remain/Leave is at its core an ideological battle. One between pragmatic internationalism and conservationism in its many forms.

So, it’s Friday and the vote’s in: (gulp) Leave has won.

In the City the pound plunges, in the estates the right-wing insurgency is boosted. All those Tommy Mair “lone wolves” get the unpleasant truth confirmed: they are, in fact, a dispersed pack. Their fellow travelers in the mainstream – the “I’m only saying what everyone’s thinking” lot – lose the residue of shame they have left, and join in. Pushing the post-Cameron Tory party further and further into the recesses.

More broadly and more importantly however: the continent. The loss of the UK will initiate the self-destruction of the EU. Not long before we see all those Eastern European and Baltic states we forgot existed drop out – leaving, among other things, the human rights standards Brussels guarantees. I assure you, it won’t be long before we’re witnessing pogroms of those “swarms” out of Africa and Arabia. Leaving us agitated and questioning, “should we do anything?” (A step backwards from that conundrum that has long rattled the Right, “what should we do?”)

Yanis: he’s like Che, only bald… and less shooty

The xenophobes and fascists will also excel in Greece’s elections (much to the fault of the EU and Europe’s biggest banks – see Yanis Varoufakis, a keen Remain campaigner), setting off dominoes snaking toward the North Sea. Putin and Ergoren will quietly celebrate and, quieter still, put Europe’s implosion to good use, cleansing their borders of Chechens and Kurds respectively (in the very strictest sense of the word).

Without the liberal, progressive force that is European unity, prepare yourself for the Savage Continent we mistakenly thought buried for good.

Battle of Grunwald by Jan Matejko

Pole: We’re due for a good and proper World War, don’t you think? It’s high time the Brits got their beating stick out and gave those no good Frenchies a good spanking. Also who doesn’t like to kick a German or two in their sausage loving arses.

Usually I’d say that you’re being a bit too paranoid and fearful of fascism and authoritarianism/totalitarianism re-establishing itself in Europe. However, this time I might actually join in that. Britain leaving the EU would set a dangerous precedence. It would indeed show those right wing extremists that they have some power and that is a frightful thought.

Not sure about the fascist regimes popping up like mushrooms after a heavy rain. (Fuck, is that an analogy for nuclear war?) Can’t speak for others, but I have faith in my countrymen. We might have a right wing party and prez in power, but they’re characterized more by their Catholic fundamentalism than authoritarian tendencies (though they have those). We have a constitution, and as the recent crisis regarding the Constitutional Tribunal (Polish equivalent of the Supreme Court) has proven, we are willing to fight in its defense. Not with guns and violence, but with demonstrations and protests. You might laugh at the futility of such an devour in face of a threat of totalitarianism. But remember, the Poles actually convinced the Commies and the Soviets to fuck off with just that.

Even if Brexit doesn’t mean the resurgence of fascism in Europe, it almost certainly spells doom for the British economy. If you paid attention or read one of Paddy’s previous posts, then you know we’re in recession, again. Breaking away from the EU would mean cutting some crucial funding. For example that for the British farmers, who rely on the EU to stay afloat. On the eve of the referendum 170 students’ unions wrote an open letter to the voters pleading to vote Remain. One of their argument was that the EU provides 15% of funding for the British universities. Without, you can certain there will be further tuition fee increases and marketisation.

If none of that speaks to you, then consider this. Leaving the EU could put Game of Thrones in jeopardy. Filming the show is incredibly expensive, and it relies greatly on funding from the EU. Without that support, the show could be forced to find a different venue. You can imagine the loss of continuation. Not to mention all the jobs lost in the Northern Ireland, which the show provides. Also, don’t expect another large scale scene like those in the most recent episode: The Battle of the Bastards. Seems that winter might take a little longer to get here.

Game of Thrones: can you live without it?


Paddy: Empire is never far away is it? The Poles achieved their 1989 liberation due to the decline of a crumbling empire, while British Leave campaigners are turning, for confidence, to quaint false memories of theirs’.

It is a truism in everywhere where blue moods and blue-bloods do not reign, but the decline of the British Empire was long overdue. But the Leavers are resolute: their path leads to the lions of old(e), glory and institutionalized sadism. That last one the Brits will certainly get, but they might not be so keen when they see it inverted rather than directed outside – to the wogs. (What do these working class voters think will happen to their rights when the right of the Tories take power?)

And that, rather neatly, brings us to the very worst of all: a Leave victory will be followed by Boris entering Number 10. See below a hint of just how our Dear Leader will be treated by the multitude.

A multitude the Old Etonian despises but, for this fleeting moment, finds useful.

Why is it that the Leave campaigners always seem to look so… unattractive?

Ugh, well, I’m sorry subject you to that. As a remedy, please let Rome remind you of the importance of European solidarity:

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