Little England Inbound

Not even the Ivory Tower is safe from the xenophobia let loose on June 23rd. Academic advisers to the Foreign Office have been told that if they were born abroad, they should perhaps think about working from the cafe down the road from now on. Better still – have you thought about becoming a barista?

These LSE academics – brains drawn here from across the globe – were helping the government make the best of Brexit, and this week they were unceremoniously dropped. Why? They, being foreign an’ all, were probably spies, and certainly taking R jawbs. Yeah, you may be the world’s authorities on EU law, but, Ivanka, Pedro and Ho, pack your wheelbarrow, snakeskin briefcase, and that ricksaw thing and git!


Whenever ministers or civil servants wish to defend shady policy you can be sure “national security” isn’t far from their lips. This excuse also has the benefit of having all of its qualifying excuses covered by the same blanket hush order. Not only are they saying foreigners are innately untrustworthy, they are implying that those born in the UK are naturally good eggs because… of what exactly? The effect of milky tea and rainy summers on the unborn? Magic? Jebus? This is the sort of twisted logic fascism relies on. (Am I going too far? They certainly will.)

Legal experts have already questioned the Foreign Office’s decision, one which is driven by Number 10’s “hard Brexit” strategy. Lawyers are currently looking into the possibility that the government may be contravening R own laws; those to do with employment contracts and ethnic discrimination. That legislation which was brought in to ensure employers judged employees on the content of their character – what they do, rather than who they are.

Yes, we really have lapsed this far already. Get ready to protect more truisms such as MLK’s hard fought one as the Brexiteers get to work.


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