PM Tells Truth! Shock! Horror! In other, unimportant news his economic policies pull industry back into recession…

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Both Afghanistan and Nigeria are “fantastically corrupt”.


While the journalistic world has been reeling from Cameron telling the truth for once, they’re choosing not to inform us of real misleadership.

UK industry fell back into recession as it shrank for the second quarter in a row, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

It is the third time UK industry has been in recession in eight years.

…Manufacturing and construction is proving to be a drag on the whole economy, helping slow UK economic growth from 0.6% in the last three months of 2015 to 0.4% between January and March, according to the ONS.

Yes, turns out Tory-imposed austerity is doing nothing for us, just how the IMF economists – of all people! – warned. (This from an organisation that hasn’t been afraid of imposing brutal privatization on fledgling periphery nations – as described by Ha-Joon Chang in his excellent Bad Samaritans. It seems they’re much more careful, and truthful, when it comes to protecting the global elite’s money launderer: the state within a state known as the City of London.)

Anyway, it seems Thatcher’s heirs actually believed all that nonsense about free-market supremacy (years of masturbating to posters of the Iron Lady will blunt one’s capacity for objectivity). And so, in their misguided lust, they’ve inflicted on us the robbery of our postal service, the death of the manufacturing sector and a triple dip recession. What signs are there that this land and its people gave birth to the Industrial Age? That it and they proved that a world without frontiers could burst into another dimension of exploration through pure will and genius?

None. Gone because Dave and Georgie felt compelled to personify farce through repeating the tragedy of the Thatcher years.

Try everything at least once, they say. Well, I say, give attempting to impress a mangy corpse with national economic misadventures a miss. Because all you end up doing is fucking the living.



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