Punching through a brick wall – My conversation with a bigot.

This is an abridged version of a typical conversation I’ve had with a bigot, who I’m going to refer to as B., on the subject of immigration, refugees, Islam, etc. He has a tendency to rant for up to 15 min., then ask me a question, only to interrupt me mid-sentence and go onto another rant. Basically saying the same thing over and over again.

B. – So, explain that leftist multi-culti (multicultural) nonsense to me.


His views in a nutshell. (Or should I say bombshell, HA!HA!)

Pole – I’m not having that conversation again.

B. – Common, I’m open for discussion. I wand to understand, because I don’t, how can you believe that.

Pole – You’re only saying this so you can go on a rant. You won’t let me get a word in. Also, stop calling me leftist.

B. – Why?

Pole – Because I know you mean it as an insult and you only do to it to annoy me.

B. – The way I see it, if people are coming here, they should respect the laws and follow the rules. Not try to install their own, (shariah) law.

Pole – But it’s not what they’re trying to do, is it. They come here to flee from war and poverty.

B. – Then why is it that it’s mostly young men? They should stay there and fight to protect their women and children. Wouldn’t you want to keep your mum safe instead of running like a coward?


Pole – It’s young men because, they’re the ones mostly under threat. They don’t want to be conscripted and then forced to bomb civilians at gunpoint. Also the journey is dangerous. Refugees are being robbed, blackmailed, even killed or kidnapped along the way. They want to make sure that it’ll be safe for their women and children to come here.

B. – It’s naive to believe that. Imagine there’s a river of people outside (this analogy keeps reappearing), fleeing from danger. You want to help them and invite them into your house. You feed them, clothe them, keep them safe. Until one day a bunch of them say this is our house now, your wife is ours now, get the fuck out.

Pole – But that’s not what’s happening.

B. – What do you mean that’s not what’s happening? I’m sorry, but when there are Muslims marching in the streets shouting “British government go to hell.”, something’s not right. How can you ask for refuge and than shout that.

Pole – If you were being treated unfairly by the government and the police, and some members of the general public were calling you a savage, you’d be out on the streets as well.

B. – People are being assaulted by Muslims for entering ‘their’ areas. Women harassed for wearing skirts.

Pole – Watching videos out of context on Facebook again. They’re not trying to install shariah law in Britain, and the rumors about ‘Muslim zones’ are just that, rumors. You can get harassed why white dudes if you go into some areas.

B. – This leftist bullshit is why they’re winning. I know what they’re like. They hate us, and they want the shariah law in here. I don’t want my grandchildren to be forced to chose between converting and a knife to the throat.

Pole – That’s not what they want!!! You’re talking about a minority of a minority. By the time your grandchildren are around, so will be theirs. The children of immigrants go to British schools, interact with British people. They adopt western culture to some point. They integrate. They educate themselves, and education is one of the best weapons we have against violence and aggression.

B. – How do you explain that they come to countries like Poland or Greece, where they are safe from war, and than say that they don’t want to stay. They want to go to Germany or the UK, because welfare is better there, and they’ll get more money.

Pole – Wouldn’t you? You, yourself emigrated from Poland, because there was no work. You came to the UK for better pay and job security. Also, the same rhetoric of immigrants coming here to take advantage of the welfare has been said about the Poles. It turned out to be bullshit back then too. I know you base your arguments on some posts or videos you’ve seen on Facebook. I’ve seen similar things, where refugees say they don’t want anything for free. They want to work.

B. – In Belgium most of Muslims, who live there are on benefits.

Pole – Bullshit. That doesn’t make sense. How can a majority of a certain population or ethnic group be on benefits. That would mean that, that many of them are either unemployed or disabled, or somehow else entitled to receive benefits. This is simply, statistically impossible. Especially for immigrants, who are either not entitled to the same benefits as citizens or find it harder to get them.

B. – Well, where’s your proof?

Pole – I don’t happen to carry statistical data of the Belgian welfare system with me. And I don’t consider Facebook as a reliable source. (A smug smile appears on B.’s face). Well, where’s your evidence, and again I don’t mean Facebook videos and posts.

*Note: Pay close attention to the response. I think this is the very essence of bigotry and ignorance*

B. – I don’t need evidence. I know these people. I deal with them every day. (he means, he has Muslim co-workers at the factory, where he works; rarely speaks to them)

I’m done talking about that to B. I’m more likely to punch through a brick wall with my bare fists than talk sense into him.


BTW. Isn’t it a bit funny how Reagan’s greatest achievement was breaking down a wall (figuratively), and yet Republicans’ current candidate can’t shut up about building one?


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