Paradise Lost: Satan Calls Meeting

While Pigs Cry Black America Dies

Porkie Tears

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Panthers Bear

Last week detachments of two emerging armies met in the streets of Dallas. Each was described by the media as dangerous “hate groups”, a tired term that is at most 50% correct.

On April 2nd, white militiamen faced off against the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam in front of a mosque that everyone outside of Texas was surprised to find existed. The cause? They formed either side of the that great American debate – dormant, though never extinguished: does the First Amendment apply to all citizens?

Liberals recoiled, unprepared by the reemergence of racial politics, and seemed visibly terrified by the prospect that they may have to pick a side. (The mainstream left have become tiringly pro-status quo. How else did Hilary-super predator eliminator-Clinton win the nomination?)

The visitors: self-aggrandizing, self-pitying white trash, target of many a Saturday night gag. They believe that blacks – and Muslims in particular – are not custodians of the primary Constitutional liberty.

The home team: Black Americans with chips on their shoulders and clips in their rifles. They believe this right is theirs just as much as any other, and they’re damn well willing to defend it. Although not exactly figures of ridicule, these too have been victim of coastal liberal snobbery.

Malcolm X was subject to this accepted bigotry, branded an enemy-within – as was MLK until his demise. (The latter’s heroic career against imperialism, economic equality and racial segregation was reduced to a white-washed opposition of the last of those.)

You’re supposed to bow your head and wait for Whitey-Up-High to grow a conscience, don’t you know? Forcing mainstream America to face its smelly, dank undercarriage is, well, just rude. (A silly word you may have noticed Hillary employing to get out of debating Bernie. And no, I won’t stop bashing her.) But this, as ever, proved too much for the liberal consensus. The MSM choose to falsely synthesize the the extremes into a grey suet, and then call it “hate group”. A political label that has been entirely emptied of meaning – a la “divisive”, “controversial” or “polarizing” – in an attempt to blacken anything interesting.

It’s a shame that so many Americans would miss the point of America in this way. Politics in the USA has never been about consensus-building (whatever John Madison may have wrote). This beautiful country is at its best when it’s hosting the culture war.

The political landscape is comparable in contrast and beauty to its physical one if given the chance. Because under its crust America is conflict, a manifestation of the ideological struggles that bore it. Those of radicalism and Toryism, republicanism and dictatorship, parliamentarianism and anarchism, enlightenment and ignorance, and, in its most base and lofty forms, black and white. Most of the above battles can give the semblance of belonging to epochs long gone, but the last – the fight between black and white – projects no such illusion.

Race can seem at times to be the defining factor in American life. Pundits talk not so much in terms of class or age, as may be the case in Europe, but of voters’ melanin content. The Black Block, the Hispanic Vote, the Cuban Exiles, the Jewish consideration, and – to the despair of much of its number – the White Constituent. Not since the mid 1700s have such a high proportion of Americans been of the brown or bronzed persuasion.

If not quite a minority, the pale-skins will soon no longer be the majority. They haven’t acquired the patronising “Euro-American” just yet, but they’re losing the coveted, non-prefixed American. Applied first to the native population before being claimed by the Anglo colonists some time after the Tea Party (that night’s attendees donned feathers and primordial body paint, the true “nativist” attire). Gradually, with each generation, it was reluctantly extended to all the white nationalities diluting the establishment: the Germans, the French, the Scandinavians and – good grief – even the Irish!

The fact that White is no longer synonymous with might (or, perhaps even worse, with right) is something many Caucasians are struggling to assimilate. They treat the on-going retreat of their bar with bared teeth and grasps toward fascism, dreading the moment when WASP ceases to be a term of respectability, of refinement. Going to join a cast of racial Americanisms in the gutter: nigger, injun, chink and spic.

They’ll be less grand-standing and more violence before white America accepts their diminished standing. And in the interim, well – brother, you better stay prepared.