The Morlocks Are Revolting

A disconnected, teenage thought on the growing right-wing populism


There’s something to HG Well’s The Time Machine. It’s becoming more difficult, online and off, to explain away the incredible stupidity of about 50-60% of those I meet. The sort of morlocks people who know they’re being shafted by a government that enforces debilitating austerity, and by their own unscrupulous managers, but treat the Pakistanis and Poles and Polynesians as if they’re the enemy – and talk as if they would happily suffer declining living standards, lower wages and global irrelevance, if only it meant they would see less melanin-filled faces at the supermarket (James O’Brien’s excellent take-downs of Brexiteers). The same sort who, when questioned even slightly about their positions resort to incoherent cliche.

Here’s an easy one, you would think given recent events: why don’t you like the EU? (Responses from LBC.)

“They make 70% of ARE laws – didn’t you hear the thing about bananas?”, or “it’s all about taking ARE country back”, or “there’s a bloody asylum seeker living in Kensington!”

(Or on the stupidity of inherited rule, “oh, I wouldn’t want the Queen’s job.”)

Nothingness punctuated by beastliness (or is it vice versa?).

No, this isn’t a matter of socio-economically enforced ignorance or whatever excuse the sociologists have made: these people just don’t know how to use that squishy pink thing in their heads. That makes them, practically, a different species.

Image result for blake ghost of a flea
Blake’s “Ghost of a Flea”

And theory of mind can only apply to those with one.


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