Tories: Terrorist Sympathisers


For neither Man nor Angel can discern/ Hypocrisie, the only evil that walks/ Invisible

John Milton


While our current health secretory, and Freudian slip triggerer, Jeremy Hunt was President of the Oxford Conservatives, terrorist affiliate Adolfo Calero was wined and dined by the society. Calero provided financial and political support to the Contras, that Nicaraguan counter-revolutionary force known for, among many such outrages, ethnic cleansing, rape campaigns and torture. But this didn’t matter, for the great bulk of Oxford University Tory contingent (for there was dissent), he was an honoured guest.

It must take some gall to accuse Jeremy Corbyn of sympathising with terrorists, knowing that such colourful characters as Calero can claim to once sharing a bill. But this is, as recent events have only confirmed, what the Tories are: brazen Terrorist Sympathisers.

A little has been made of how the Conservative Party’s new partner, the DUP, has been associated with armed thugs.As George Dangerfield has shown, the Tories were aligned with Orange terror from the beginning. The DUP’s forebears were, surprisingly, not as pro-Union as all that. They disliked London, resented oversight from the old country (note how Churchill hounded away from a “northern” podium). However they hated Irish independence and republicanism and Catholics more, and that they shared with the Tories. And so, with astonishing cynicism, the Conservatives took the opportunity to undermine – the tepid, but nonetheless real – Liberal progress toward “home rule” or independence. Aligning themselves with, and lending legitimacy to, militant Protestantism (it was only with this Blue-Orange alliance that talk of separating the Six Counties came about). This went from the out and out shows of solidarity in the form of the Black and Tans, to the covert Thatcherite support for rightist paramilitaries during the Troubles.

It was with Thatcher that the Conservatives wore their terroristic sympathies with pride. Suharto (“we are best of friends”), Pinochet (who she described as a champion of democracy), South Africa’s government (by undermining the boycott campaign) and Saddam were all given Downing Street’s approval, and more importantly: access to the world’s “best” manufacturers, those based in the UK.

The Iron Lady fully supported terrorists which had entire state apparatuses behind them. Suhurto, an oddly overlooked monster of the 20th century, used British-made arms – and naval escort – to carry out a murder campaign that brings to mind recent events in the Philippines, though immeasurably worse. Up to a million people were murdered by the Indonesian secret police and army (the Killing Fields is a must watch for those interested in finding out more). East Timor, as well as “internal suppression”, was practically wiped off the map in a genocidal campaign that implicates Australia and the US too.

In comparison, Jeremy Corbyn declared that, for Irish peace talks to be successful, the political arm of the Irish Republican Army had to play a part. If you consider that shocking, then prepare yourself: despite outward fulminations, Thatcher’s government were doing just that, carrying out secret talks with the IRA. If advocacy equals sympathy and damnation, then what’s this?

Today the Saudis use British arms to lay waste to Yemen’s infrastructure and citizenry. Hospitals are being rocketed, aid withheld, and NGOs and the UN are trying to alleviate the effects of a terrible – but entirely predictable – famine. This is what happens when the world’s most sophisticated weaponry is used against one of its poorest nations. Theresa May holds the receipts.

Labour and Corbyn supporters as “terrorist sympathisers” is one of the Conservatives’ most returned to talking points (often when the formers suggest there might be a relation between our foreign policy and how we’re perceived globally). The riposte ought to go, “I refuse to be lectured to by people like you”.


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