Why Trump is so Dangerous

20% of Trump supporters think freeing the slaves was a historical misstep.

A third think gays and lesbians should be banned from the country.

75% agree with the total Muslim ban. And goodness knows how many smile at the thought of concrete mass casting a shadow across the southern states.

This while the white working class – the demographic seemingly most taken with the resurgence of right-wing populism – are given hints to how they too will be shafted by a Republican victory. Trump wants to scrap the federal minimum wage, reduce corporation tax to zilch and expand mass surveillance – curtailing financial security and individual liberty.

So, let’s re-cap: the poor, the gays, the blacks, women, the entire population south of Texas (and a good number within), anyone who cares about civil rights, respecters of the Constitution, the Muslims – the largest religious group in the world – which have nothing to gain from President Trump.

What’s with the support then?

Trump uses language which is simplistic, catchy and without nuance. He makes – just like a good fascist leader might – the complicated easy to grasp. Existential problems become a matter of just “fixing ’em”. Trump isn’t the first leader to exploit this human weakness, plenty of democratically elected politicians rely on the amygdala, rather than the higher cortex to do voter’s thinking for them. His style just makes it more obvious. (Remember when he praised the “poorly educated”?)

Or, perhaps, even with all those flaws, a large number of people just want to give fascism another go…



For fuck’s sake.


For more See: Public Policy Polling study



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